Technology right now becomes the center of the world. All people use it all the time, especially computer. Now, for people want to buy it but do not have any common knowledge about it. You can use our tips to buy a computer. We will help you what you need to know before buying the computer. There are many aspects but we will keep it simple. So, it is easy for you to understand.

OS Types

computer os

Which one do you choose between Windows, MAC, and Linux? If you do not know, we recommend you choose Windows. Many people use it instead of MAC or Linux. You can install the latest one which is windows 10.  Choosing a right OS will make you easier to navigate your own computer. If you confuse between one of them, follow your heart. This is your own computer, you the one who will use it.


computer specs

This is the most important when buying a computer. You need to think the use of a computer you want to buy. If you only do it for work or school task, do not need to buy the one with the highest specs. Just choose the medium specifications. If you do it for gaming, we recommend you buy a computer which has a higher RAM and speed clock which specialize for gaming purpose. Of course, the price is not really cheap. You need to think twice before purchase it.

HDD Size

HDD or also known as a hard disk. The function of this one to store your data on the computer. Before you buy it, check the capacity of the HDD. The common size is 500 GB. Do not pick any wrong computer without looking the HDD first. It is to determine whether you can store many data or not. Especially for people who use the computer for gaming, they need a huge amount of HDD size to store their game data.


Budget indeed become the important factors. If you do not have enough budget, it is futile. You cannot get the computer you want. Each store provides you a different price. You can choose the cheap or the expensive one.  We cannot give you any recommendation because this one depends on your budget. That is why you need to think twice about your budget.

Final Words

That is the four tips you need to think before buying a computer. You can also ask the seller for more information. After computer, we also have an article how to choose a smartphone. Click the link right away if you want to get the best one. Now, it is the time to say goodbye. Hopefully, our article can help all the people in needs.


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