We are sure you are quite confused with the tile above. Usually, people will list the best thing. But, we will not do that. Here, our aim is to give you the worst fighting games which released on the smartphone device. See the full list right away.

Monster City Fight

monster city fight

Do you want to know why this one is really bad? You will control a green human which look exactly like Hulk. The concept is great and there is a blood effect when you punch the enemy and explore the city freely while fighting bad guys. But, the control is really terrible and unresponsive. Also, sometimes the game is a bit laggy. To make it worse, you can see a typhoon and racing car pass through the city. Do not you think it is really weird and ridiculous?

American Captain VS Avenging Iron Hero

american captain vs avenging iron hero

Once again a fighting game which uses Superhero characters. This time, you can use either Iron-man or Captain America. Both of them face each other in side-scrolling view. The reason why make this game really worst is the character movement is really stiff. We are sure you will laugh a lot when seeing the superhero punch something. The stage background also uses a real image and do not match the character when fighting each other.

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle

stickman fighter epic battle

Usually Stickman game is really good but this one is really bad though. You will agree with us after you play this game. The first problem, each time you begin the stage sometime the game will force you to log out. The second one, the virtual pad sometimes does not appear. Also, the skill effects not really wonderful like the usual Stickman game. It is like really plain and normal.

Fists For Fighting

fists for fighting

At the first glance, this one is really wonderful. The 3D graphics and the damage you inflict on the opponent will make them bleed for real. But in reality this game is really bad. Once again it is about the control problem. Also, the graphics are overlapping sometimes. If you notice, if you punch the enemy player in the cheek, your hand will pass through. It is like you fight with a ghost. There is no one who wants to play this bad game.


Do you dare to play the game above? If so, you are a true game. Just search this game on the Play Store. Do not get trick by the beautiful image because it is fake. If you regret trying this one, do not forget to tell us about your experience.


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