Laptop is one of the greatest technology ever because it helps many people to complete their task. For the one who regularly use a laptop, this machine already like your life. That is why before it is too late, you need to know how to take care your laptop. For the one who does not care about it, you must change your mind immediately. Now, you need to see the information right away.

Clean Your Laptop

The first thing you can do is clean your laptop once a week. Believe it or not, it is really easy for dust to make your laptop dirty. We ever leave our laptop only for two weeks and you can guess the dust already cover some parts of the laptop. Here, you can use a clean cloth and wipe it gently. Do not wipe it too strong especially on the screen part. We are sure you do not want to accidentally break it.

close up of woman hands cleaning laptop screen

Put Your Laptop on the Safe Place

Never put down your laptop on the floor if you do not use it or another dangerous place. Sometimes, we do not aware and step on it. You can also put it in the backpack and place it in your cabinet. We can say for sure all people lazy to do that hassle thing but you need to do it at all cost. If this machine is important to you, this is the thing you must do to protect it.

Do Not Put anything Dangerous When Using Your Laptop

All people tend to put something near the laptop while they use it. Usually, the will put the drink beside the laptop. For the first time it is still safe but later on, you do no aware the presence of the drink and bump into it. The next thing the water will spill down on your laptop. If this tragedy happens, just buy a new one because it will be hard to repair it.

Maintenance Your Laptop

Now, for the inside of the laptop, you need to do a maintenance at least once a week. Scan for a virus, check disk errors, and disk cleanup. You can also set it automatically on your computer if you do not want to do it manually. Not only the outside, you also need to take care of it on the inside.

Final Words

Actually, it is pretty simple if you know how to take care your laptop. Here, we also have an article about antivirus software. For the one who does not familiar with it, just click the link immediately. That is for today information. See you on the next article guys.


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