Do you think that your computer is safe from any viruses? If you do not think so, you have to make it as secure as possible right now by following our tips. Virus or any kind of malware except ransomware is not really risky if we consider it with ransomware. That is why we would like to let you know how to protect your computer from any kind of the malicious system.

Data is really important, we cannot get it back when it’s already broken. If it is deleted. There is still chance to recover it but if it all the flow has been encrypted by any kind of ransomware then we cannot do anything except buying ransomware removal service. You may see that they demand you to give them money. Then the answer “We shall not give a single penny for them!”

Ransomware is a sneak program. When we make a payment, it would not automatically unlocked our data. The payment would be doubled and we have to pay it once again and again until we lose our money. We would like to let you know how to make your computer secure. You do that by following these steps below.

  1. Update your windows regularly, make sure you use genuine window since it is really important and it would be more protected
  2. Use popular antivirus program including its firewall security
  3. Always scan any kind of email before you open it
  4. Avoid downloading any nulled program since most virus and malware are injected there. The developer does not make it at free cost. They have a goal by sharing its program.

If you follow those steps above, we can ensure you would be safe from any ransomware. We can guarantee it but make sure you should not miss any step from that one since most people get ransomware because they do a little mistake and they do not have an opportunity to recover it anymore.


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