Do you mine bitcoin to fulfill your living cost? How many miners do you have to mine this thing? We all know that mining bitcoin was not easy as last time since it is all almost been depleted because of mined by many people around the world and they use many mega servers to gain bitcoin block.

Some people say that bitcoin mini is not worth anymore like last time because they cannot spend the electricity cost. The profit won’t cover it so you must think twice if you want to do that since each country will have a different price for electricity.

We would like to let you know about tips to mine bitcoin that it could be useful for you. We have asked it too many miners and they give the same tips.

  1. Buy mega server instead of a small server to mine since the electricity cost does not so difference but they can give a decent amount of bitcoin.
  2. Move your server into a country which electricity cost is low. This can be a lifesaver for you since you do not need to pay high production cost.
  3. Use solar energy system. You can buy solar generator where it is worth to buy. We do not need to use any electricity again since it has been supported by the generator.
  4. Upgrade your server to the max. One mistake that every miner do they give some slot to their server since they do not optimize it completely.

If you follow the following tips above it would be worth to mine bitcoin since it can give extra income for you. One last word, do something which can reduce your production cost since bitcoin is almost depleted. However, bitcoin rate always increases day by day which is now on $7638 per bitcoin basedĀ onĀ Conversor Criptomoedas. The website serves bitcoin data, especially on its price. You may check the website right away to know its rate.


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