Do you love to play action RPG games? Do you love anime? If so, then, how if you try an action RPG game with an anime style? There is a game with that characteristic namely Honkai Impact 3. This game is really superb not only for its gameplay but also graphics, sound, and etc. That is why we want to share everything that we know about this game on Honkai Impact 3 review. So now, let us check out the information below!


In this game, we will have to use the characters which all cute and sexy girls and called Valkyria. Our duty is to protect the futuristic human world from destruction. By using those characters, we have to beat the enemies in a really awesome combat style.

honkai impact 3 gameplay

Each Valkyria has different stats, abilities, skill, weapon, and etc. We can improve all of it by level up their level, enhance them, upgrade the skills, and equip them with a good gear to make them even better than before so they can beat the opponents easily.

The combat system in this game is also amazing where we can attack the opponents with a lot of fighting movements and great skills to see. We can also dodge the opponents’ attack while fighting. So, we can say that the gameplay is really awesome.


When we play this game, we will use the touchpad to move the character, launch an attack and skills. The control itself is really smooth and easy. The left side is to move the character around and the right side to do an attack, launch the character’s skills, and to avoid the opponents’ attack.


honkai impact 3 graphics

This one is our most favorite thing from this game. The graphics aspect is really mesmerizing. With an anime touch makes the graphics become more interesting especially because of its so smoothness and great details. Just take a look at the picture above, it is wonderful, right? Even we can make an interaction with the character when we are in the lobby like this. Just touch her and she will move and give some words for us.


  • Various Characters¬†– There are around four or five characters that we can use in this game starting from the one which uses guns, katana, and even a grenade launcher.
  • A Lot of Costumes – When we are bored with the character’s appearance, we can change it by getting some new costume.
  • Upgrade System – We can improve our characters stats, abilities, and etc by upgrading and enhancing them.
  • Interesting Storylines – There are a lot of cutscenes which interesting to watch with a cute sound from the characters while we are playing the campaign.


That is all that we can share about this game. May all of that information in our Honkai Impact 3 review can be useful for you and enrich your knowledge about it. So, do not waste your time and let us play this amazing game immediately.


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