All in people in this world passionate about something they love. We cannot deny this fact at all. Today, for people who love anything about a computer, you come at the right timing because we will tell give you tips to become a computer genius. For the one who does not know where to start, this is a good article which you can ready to enrich your knowledge.

OS Type

The basic thing you need to know to become a computer genius is the OS type. We are sure all people need to know about the OS of the computer. If they can differentiate between Windows, Mac, and Linux you will be alright for sure. You can also see the beginners guide to help you understand it more. When you buy a computer, you will get the instructions book.

Up to Date

In order to become computer genius, you need to update your information about the new type of laptop. If you love technology stuff we are sure you can do it without any problem at all. You can check out on the internet or go to the nearest store to ask the vendor about it. We recommend you look at the youtube because not only you know the new type of laptop but also the review of the users.

Understand About Computer Hardware

We are sure the first time you buy a laptop or computer you will be confused about an unusual word which you never heard such as RAM, CPU, and so on. To become a genius in computer field you to know the crucial information like this. It is hard to understand at first but slowly but surely you will get it what the hardware means.

computer genius

Play With Your Computer

You can also play with your computer. It means you can browse your computer from the setting, local disc, and so on. Thanks to this, you will know each function of your computer. We know you will feel nervous because you do not know about it but you need to gather your courage to try it. If you afraid to do something, you will not get what you want.

Final Words

Become a computer genius is quite easy if you follow our guide. For the people who still have a problem, you can ask us directly. We will help you for sure. Do not need to afraid of anything, if you have the will you can do it although you find a big problem. You can also see the tips to buy a computer from us.


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