For people who love play a game on their smartphone, you must try Chaos Ring III at all cost. This is an offline game from Square Enix, the famous developer of RPG game Final Fantasy. We are sure you know very well about this developer. So, what kind of great adventure will await us in this game? Please see Chaos Ring III review right away to cure your curiosity.


chaos ring iii gameplay

Like always, Square Enix uses the turn-based battle system. You need to input a command before defeating the enemies. We do not need to explain each command because it is easy to understand. You can only have three characters in the party. Be sure to pick the best character to gain advantages. If you ever played FF games, you will familiar with the battle system. The unique thing about this game only the use of a card to summon a powerful monster (Same like eidolon summon method in FF). As for the rest, there is nothing special at all. But, explore a beautiful map which offer in this game is really gorgeous to see.


chaos ring 3 graphics

As for the graphics uses a beautiful 3D model. The details really smooth. For the smartphone game the graphics really well polished. We do not have any complaint about it. The special skill effect is quite something. If you love 3D graphics and RPG game, you need to download it.

It Is Worth Your Money?

For you who do not know, you cannot download this game freely. You need to pay for it. This is already normal for SE (Square Enix) to grab all the money from gamers. They will re-sell all their product to gain more profit. This is not an exclusive game for the smartphone. For PS Vita users you can also play it.


  • The beautiful artworks
  • The simple gameplay. Anyone can play it without any problem
  • Engaging storyline
  • The great OST


  • The objective of the mission is linear. Beat the boss on the map or gather specific items is enough to complete the mission. You will do it repeatedly
  • The price of the game really expensive


For the score of this review, we give 80. For RPG lover, this game is really worth your money. As for the one who does not like RPG, you must avoid it at all cost or you will regret it. The story plot of the game also really interesting to explore. If you get bored with the battle, you can enjoy the story instead.


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