Our topic is a bit unique today. We will talk about antivirus software. But, there are many people who do not fully understand what this software is. For that reason, we create an article to help you understand this more. What are you waiting for? Let us go to the main topic to uncover the details.

Definition of Antivirus Software


This is a program which protected your device all the time. Antivirus nowadays not only for computer, you can also use it on the smartphone. The main purpose of this one is to eliminate virus on your device. You can also maintain a scheduled scan. So, your program will run automatically to scan a virus on your device. The side effects of it, the performance of the device will decrease because the software scanning it. Do not insult this one, it is really beneficial because it can detect a virus immediately.

Types of Virus

Common people do not know what the types of the virus are. If their device finds a virus in it, they only scan and delete it without knowing anything. We are sure you ever hear about Trojan, Worm, and adware. Those three are a malicious virus which ruins your device completely. We ever find Trojan virus on our friends PC but he ignores it completely because it does not affect the performance of the device. Do not insult a virus. After your device infected by the virus, you will not feel the danger in the beginning. But, later on, some of your software will not work properly and in the end, it will ruin your entire apps.

Free or Paid Antivirus

We already know what will choose between the two. We will tell you something beforehand. If you go with the free version, you can only use it for a limited time and it will not clean the virus completely. If you buy the full version, you can get full protection. Remember, it will become a big problem if your device already infected with a virus which you cannot recover. All your data and file will get corrupted. We recommend you buy it. Do not ever think to search for a crack to access the full version because it is futile.


That is the simple definition of antivirus. For people who only know a little bit about it, our article ready to help you. We almost forgot, if you have another question about it, do not hesitate to write your problem in the comment box.


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